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The Eagle Array ™ - Precise Monitoring of Structural Integrity

  • Ultrasonic sensors assess internal corrosion of the mechanical integrity of pipes, pipelines, pressure vessels and tanks

  • Monitors corrosion post ILI dig and low spots in HCA’s and pipeline wall thickness erosion

  • Multiple sensor array is non-intrusive, easily installed and networked even on in service pipelines

  • Immediate reliable data and information including real time wall thickness measurements

  • Accessible on-site or through wireless connection

Owl Test Station - Unrivaled Precision for Cathodic Protection 

  • Real time ultrasonic measurement of steel coupons inside and outside the CP area

  • Ultrasonic measurement of coupons inside and outside the CP Test

  • Precision and detailed analysis on buried pipes and pipelines under high-voltage power lines or in soil-resistant areas

  • SCOUT™ software presents data and insights to monitor changes in asset integrity

  • Ideal for high resistance soils, compressor stations and more


Tank Inspection Robotics

The world’s largest provider of in-service AST inspection robots and the leader in ultrasound remote monitoring systems

High density ultrasound tank floor scanning with traditional compression wave ultrasound to collect floor thickness and settlement data simultaneously

Accurate picture of the tank settlement, improved analysis and a calculation of the remaining useful floor life of the tank

 Proven for Maintaining Pipeline Integrity 24/7

Unrivaled Precision and Analysis For Hard to Reach Pipelines

Monitors temperature, humidity, corrosion rates 

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