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Since 2007, Geospatial has delivered the highest quality pipeline location, data acquisition and mapping services available. By utilizing multiple technologies and refined data collection and management techniques, Geospatial effectively serves all pipeline sectors. Geospatial economically maps most pipelines to an accuracy of less than 10 cm (3.9 inches). The technologies map HDPE – PVC or metallic underground pipes and conduits from 1 inch diameter and greater to depths of 50 feet (15 m). Pipelines under rivers, lakes, ports and inshore waters with depths to approximately 180 feet (55 m) can be mapped.

Geospatial utilizes various data acquisition tools including in-pipe and surface-method technologies to locate and create accurate 3-D maps of underground pipelines. Multiple data collection technologies and extensive experience with difficult and unique situations helps insure pipelines will be mapped accurately and effectively. Geospatial saves time and resources, and mitigates risk from liability by making pipeline data complete, accurate, and securely accessible via the web.

Managing pipeline data in a useful and easily accessible way is critical to getting the most value from infrastructure systems. GeoUnderground™ is a secure, web-based solution for a simple, effective cloud-based display tool for 3D pipeline location and attribute data. GeoUnderground is a proprietary cloud-based software developed on the Google Maps API making it familiar and usable by project managers, field personnel, contractors and executives.

Drone pipeline mapping

Drone pipeline mapping

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