Smithco and TPE Midstream join kerr at Eastern gas compression roundtable


Kendal Barber, Mgr of Sales and Engineering of Smithco Engineering will be conducting a class at EGCR May 22 - 24 2018  in Pittsburgh, PA. His class will focus on coolers, cooler maintenance, cooling design and sizing. Kendal has decades of knowledge and expertise with air-cooled heat exchanger  design, manufacturing and applications. Smithco and its Amercool Division have installed dependable, long-lasting, custom-made equipment all around the world since 1952.

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Doug Sahm, CEO of TPE Midstream,  will be giving a talk on the ZEVAC® (Zero Emission Vacuum and Compressor) technology.   This revolutionary, patented technology from TPE Midstream uses compressed air to eliminate emissions.  ZEVAC eliminates the noise, permits, notifications, hazards, and difficulties of venting and flaring. Using compressed air to suction the process vessel or pipeline segment, ZEVAC compresses the gas into the adjacent pipeline. Intake from a pipeline or vessel is depressurized and discharged back into your pressurized piping system.  ZEVAC is proven to be safe, silent and environmentally friendly. 

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