Geospatial Corporation & Kerr Engineered Sales Announce Partnership


January 2019, Geospatial Corporation and Kerr Engineered Sales have entered into a sales and marketing agreement to provide underground mapping solutions throughout NE and Mid Atlantic US. “Geospatial’s complete line of data acquisition technologies with powerful GIS enabled software provides asset owners and engineers with a complete solution for mapping underground assets. Management of critical underground infrastructure has become a substantial issue faced by every oil and gas company we serve in our region,” said Thomas Kerr, Vice President of Kerr Engineered Sales. He continued, “ Not knowing the location and depth of buried pipelines and other underground infrastructure has plagued this industry for decades. We are thrilled to offer our customers this innovative solution and multi pronged approach that finds and maps every imaginable pipeline.”

Mark Smith, Geospatial’s CEO stated, Kerr’s reputation and knowledge in the industry is superior and the partnership will be win for customers in energy, industrial and municipal arenas. We look forward to introducing how our proprietary technology determines accurate location and position of underground pipelines, conduits and infrastructure and creates 3D maps and models.