Progressive Pipeline Management (ppm)

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Trenchless rehabilitation restores aging, damaged or leaking underground infrastructure and pipelines. Cured-in-place-lining (CIPL) technology employs an efficient (UV) curing process for natural gas & pressure pipelines in any shape. PPM's Starline® 2000 system can line pipelines from 4” to 48” in diameter and lengths up to 2000 ft. per section.

  • Effective for cast iron and steel pipelines
  • Seals all leaks & prevents future leaks
  • Eliminates internal corrosion
  • More cost efficient than traditional replacement
  • Minimizes excavation and re-construction
  • Reduces environmental issues & disruptions that accompany excavation
  • Reduces installation time (500ft – 1000ft per day)

Research Demonstrated Long Term Viability of 115+ years

Reliable for Crossings, Bridges & High Traffic Sites 

Significant Economic Benefits Compared to Conventional Trenching

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PECO Energy| Washington Gas | PSE & G  | National Grid |Exelon | KeySpan