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Kerr Engineered Sales Company is passionate about promoting the products and services of exclusive manufacturers and service providers in the pipeline industry.
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From strategic planning to the field, the Kerr sales specialists are exceptional technical field experts. We have over 64 years of product and industry knowledge.
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May 17 - 19 2016 - Appalachian Underground Corrosion Shortcourse - Morgantown, WV
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May 24 - 26 2016 - Eastern Gas Compression Roundtable - David L. Lawrence Convention Center 1000 Fort Duquesne Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15222
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June 02 - 03 2016 - Energy Association of Pennsylvania Annual Transmission and Distribution Seminar - Radisson Hotel Harrisburg Camp Hill, PA
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June 21 - 23 2016 - DUG East (Developing Unconventional Gas) 4th Annual Conference & Exhibition - Pittsburgh, PA
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August 01 - 01 2016 - Appalachian Gas Measurement Shortcourse - Pittsburgh, PA
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September 24 - 24 2016 - BGE Expo - Baltimore, MD
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October 01 2016 - Northeast Gas Distribution Council - Darien, CT

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Kerr Engineered Sales Company Introduces Berkeley Springs Instruments as Newly Represented Product Line

Kerr Engineered Sales Company Introduces Berkeley Springs Instruments as Newly Represented Product Line Over 35 successful years, BSI has been designing, manufacturing, and installing: plant control rooms, industrial robotics, automation software, and smart sensors for nuclear, industrial, pharmaceutical, and petroleum markets.  BSI is responsible for the development and manufacturing of the Eagle Array, an on-line,…

Tips for operating your Bruest Catalytic Heater This Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and now is the time to start up the heaters! Here are some quick tips to guarantee optimal operation. Pre-Operation: Catalytic pad exposed to dust or debris while inactive? We recommend using a towel or soft bristle brush to remove any material that could potentially bake to the pad…