The suite of products and services are carefully selected to deliver solutions for a wide range of pipeline applications. We are entrenched with the products represented and are integrally involved in improvements, development, needs assessment and testing. We understand the issues and challenges and work diligently with customers and manufacturers on solutions for complex situations often involving multiple applications. Great pride is taken to provide a level of service and technical knowledge that cannot be found from other manufacturers’ reps.

Education & training

Consistent and comprehensive product training can make or break productivity. From the beginning, the Kerr team has been educating and demonstrating product applications, troubleshooting and teaching best practices. Mistakes and breakdowns often occur because of a lack of the right information. Our goal is to ensure that training and information sessions lead to improved efficiency, risk reduction and help avoid costly mistakes.

We are frequently seen speaking and doing workshops at trade shows, short courses and industry events. See our upcoming events.

Field demonstrations and training sessions can be customized for each customer’s needs. To schedule a job site visit or educational presentation, contact us today.