T.D. Williamson, inc.

Represented since 1952

100 years of relationships with pipeline owners and operators delivering comprehensive technologies, expertise and solutions. For nearly a century, TDW has helped customers around the world safely transport product to their communities.  Lasting relationships have enabled TDW professionals to work with a broad range of technologies, learn distinct operating and management practices, and help develop industry leaders for the future. 

Kerr and TDW Long Term Partners over 65 Years  

Experienced Application Specialists and Inside Sales

In Depth Customer Education and Problem Solving

TD Williamson:  Hot Tapping equipment • Hot Tapping Services • STOPPLE® and SHORTSTOPP® Line Plugging Systems 

• Plugging Fittings • Pipeline Casing Seals and Insulators

• SHORTSTOPP® PE Plugging System • RES-Q® Composite Wrap • Leak Repair Clamps

• Line Plugging Services from 2” to 102”

• Turn Key Services includes Project Management, Welding, Lifting, Fitting Installation, etc.

TDW Pigging Products: • Pipeline Pigs from cleaning, batching, commissioning, to displacement

• Pigging Systems • PIG-SIG® Pig Passage Indicators – standard and non-intrusive

• Pig Launchers and Receivers • Complete Pigging Systems • Threaded and Clamp-Ring Closures

In Line Inspection, Pipeline Cleaning Services, NDE and Pipeline Integrity

• Smart Pigging Service • MFL and SMFL, Deformation and KALIPER® Inspection Tools

• Complete Pigging Services including Line Commissioning and Complete Project Management

• Mechanical and Detergent Cleaning of pipelines • Hydrostatic Testing

• Pig Launcher and Receiver Rentals • Turn Key Line Testing • Turn-key Inspections • NDE 

Rugged and dependable TDW SmartTrap™ Launchers and Receivers are designed and built with the consistent high quality workmanship required to meet the demands of pipeline operators the world over. With decades of accumulated"hands-on" experience, TDW produces launchers and receivers designed by experts to handle the toughest field conditions.