Plant Shutdown Avoided at Manufacturing Plant

Situation: A New England high tech manufacturing plant that had a chilled water piping system was running under capacity which was restricting the output of the plant. A 12″ line was being run through a 8 meter/line causing a problem in the flow rate, due to a flow restriction. Shutting down the plant to fix the equipment would have cost $1Million/day.

Solutions: The Kerr team proposed solutions that enabled removing the flow restriction while keeping the system on line. TDW Services served as project managers and provided welding services. Extensive training from Kerr provided the necessary education and assurance about the process, field assessment work, job reviews, and field follow up.

Results: The plant’s system successfully stayed in service throughout the project. It was delivered on time and within the budget, avoiding expensive shut downs which would have cost approximately $2 -5 Million.