catalytic Pipeline Heater improves performance

Situation: A major East Coast Gas Transmission company called Kerr about a couple of stations where their existing heater equipment was failing. The problems resulted in how our new improved technology would adapt to the environment and provide safe and reliable service. At one of the stations the heater that was previously in service was located outside and had to transfer the heat over 25 feet. This made it very inefficient and costly to operation.

Solution: With the help from Kerr and Bruest Catalytic we provided a very simple, safe, and efficient heater that was installed inside the building. This was only made possible with the fact that the heater is rated for Class 1 DIV 2 and can be put in a hazardous location.

Results: The performance of the heater has led to reduced maintenance time, reduced operating costs from reduction in fuel Consumption) and a simplified operating system.