East Coast Utility Avoided Costly Line Shut Down

Situation: An East Coast Gas distribution utility had a dilemma on their hands. A major local highway needed to be widened and one of their main 12″ PE Lines was right in the way. The traditional method of relocating a PE Line would have used large hydraulic squeeze tools and would have required multiple fittings, and very large excavations to fit the tools and complete the work. In one area, the squeeze tools could not have even been used because of the proximity of the work area to butt fusion joints.

Solution: Kerr Engineered Sales presented the TD Williamson Large Diameter PE Hot Tapping and Plugging System to the Distribution Company and they chose to use this method to complete their relocation. Several 12″ Stops were performed using traditional Top Entry SHORTSTOPP PE Fittings, and the Bottom out Bypass Tee Fittings.

Results: The work was completed in a safe and timely manner without the lines being taken out of service.