Situation: A major eastern energy company was using foam pigs infrequently and improperly to pig lines into a compressor station. The station ended up flooding with liquid which cost over $500k to repair, clean and restart.

Solution: When the Kerr team was called in, they immediately recognized the problem and source. The compressor station needed a different design of pigs, closures, pig signals and closure door.  Education and comprehensive training would be critical for proper process, maintenance and safety. Kerr worked closely with the energy company on the plans, selection of pigs, quotes and recommendations for TDW equipment. The training sessions included three days of hands-on pig runs in the field.

Results: With consistent, efficient pigging the compressor station has run maintenance free over six months.  The TDW pigs were run 75 times. A maintenance plan is in place and the technicians know how to avoid future problems.